Thursday, 27 December 2012

good decision

What a GOOD decision

, u have make 115k of the people disappointed, sad, pissed and lost. You chose execute everyone and, never even spare a thought for our effort. Is it the way to compensate us? For testing closed Betta till now. That is what we got, disappointment after disappointment. Hope destroy and then rekindle and the cycle goes on till u you destroy it completely and treating us like a fool. Chairman of Asiasoft? Keeping Gamers happy is definitely your company priority. We dont need any useless reward of what ROCASH for level 50 or any stuff. just give us the game as promised earlier on and not delay it for so long. Dont make this game that gave gamer the best memory and also the worst impression please!

And Post after Post u guys promise to see us in game SOON and Good news coming our way. so the Soon is 3rd Jan?

Want the game to be on and forget about all the lame shit rewards that make people request for reroll. Just the game pls.

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